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Annapolis Family Lawyer

In District Court the remedies for family disputes revolve around emergency relief, such as protection from domestic violence and peace orders. In Circuit Court, the Court can provide more resources for divorce, custody, and visitation, as well as child support.

Traffic Law

Charges generally are brought in the District Court. Please keep in a safe place the traffic citations and write down your version of the offense. It would be helpful if you would obtain a complete copy of your driving record from the Motor Vehicle Administration before trial.


When arrested for an alcohol or drug related offense, the officer may issue you a temporary license. Be sure to keep the officers certification and order of suspension in your vehicle at all times. Request a hearing, by completing the hearing request form and sending the $125.00 filing fee payable to Maryland State Treasury, to the Office of Administrative Hearings as soon as possible to avoid suspension before the scheduled hearing date.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death and survival actions are separate actions with distinct remedies. The key to obtaining a good result is preserving evidence by way of photographs, medical documentation, and other records. An attorney can suggest experts to be retained for you, which may include a reconstruction expert, human factors expert, or traffic engineer.

Workers' Compensation Law

Accidents may involve a slip, trip, fall or something at work. Causation must be established, as well as medical documentation obtained of your disability from work.

Personal Injury

Injuries occur at construction sites, restaurants, traffic, hotels, or a host of other sites and places. Preserving evidence as well as witness information is crucial. Automobile accidents can involve careful study of each intersection, sign, and vehicle in a collision.

Annapolis Criminal Lawyer

The trial of the criminal case will end with either an acquittal or a conviction. In Maryland, the case may have several outcomes apart from trial. The State's Attorney may enter a nolle prosequi, or may request a stet. Also the judge may grant probation before judgment after a plea or trial.

Annapolis Divorce Lawyer

In a marriage, a wife or husband may ask, "what will happen if we separate?" A divorce lawyer's role can be useful in explaining the law regarding separation and divorce, custody, visitation, support, alimony, and marital property.

Electrocution Law

Saving evidence at the onset of the electric shock case is invaluable. Retaining experts to view the site is necessary to capture images as well as data. We have worked with leading forensic experts across the nation, including a notable forensic pathologist, experienced electrical engineer, construction safety expert, and others to name a few.Electrocution accidents require an attorney who has experience and knowledge of the kind of special proof to establish liability. Experts are vital in analyzing the scene and evaluating the causes of electrical contact.

Annapolis Social Security Disability Attorney Maryland

There are four steps of appeal of a Social Security decision: Reconsideration, an ALJ hearing, Appeals Council Review, and federal court action. My experience is that many cases are denied at the first two levels, until the hearing before the administrative law judge. It is important that the evidence be ready for the hearing by effectively analyzing and presenting medical documents, reports and other evidence.

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