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For an electric shock case, choose an attorney with experience

We have handled a variety of cases involving electrocution including electrical contact at a local water treatment plant, outside the premises of a bar, and on a construction site.

Crucial in these types of cases is the ability to capture and preserve photographic and documentary evidence as well as arranging immediate evaluation by experts at the site. Electrocution cases may require a forensic pathologist, an electrical and a civil engineer.

Also, it may be necessary to consult with a construction safety expert. Proof of the significant emotional impact of the loss of a family member may require a psychiatrist or psychologist to perform an evaluation.

The client is well served by retaining an attorney who has a knowledge or rapport with a broad range of experts who can offer assistance in electrocution cases.

If you are afflicted by any of the following, you may need an electrocution attorney: electrical injury, electrical shock, electrical burns, lightning injury, electrocution, low-voltage injury, high-voltage injury, nerve depolarization, muscle depolarization, alternating current injury, AC injury, thermal burns, electrical flashes, direct current electrical injuries, DC electrical injuries, flash burns, arc burns, contact burns, internal electrical injury, external electrical energy, burn treatment, electrical injury treatment, myoglobinuria, myoglobinemia, and lightning strike.

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